The Avengers are going bald, says Seth Rogen

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is among the Avengers going bald according to Seth Rogen

Comedian, actor and director Seth Rogen says The Avengers are going bald — or were. Somehow the heroes have more hair in later films like Avengers: Endgame.

Hollywood comedy auteur Seth Rogen says The Avengers were facing more than a battle with Thanos. They were battling hair loss too.

Rogen went on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new role in Steven Spielberg’s “The Fablemans.”

Rogen plays Spielberg’s actual uncle, Bernie (Bennie in the film). The real Bernie had a very receding hairline, so Rogen shaved back his hair for the role.

Walking around with an exaggeratedly receding hairline, however, got Rogen thinking about his own hair loss.

“I kept running into people I know … and no one said anything!” Rogen explained. “And that made me realize that, to them, I’m balding!”

That’s when Rogen says he realized, “It wasn’t a shift.” Everyone already thought of him this way, he joked. “I was already a balding guy!”

Seth Rogen on The Avengers and hair loss in Holywood

Then things got really interesting. Rogen pointed out that a lot of Hollywood stars do something about their receding hairlines.

Weirdly, this topic is still very hush-hush in Hollywood. Not a single major movie star has admitted to having their hair loss surgically repaired.

Rogen went on to quip: “I work with a lot of actors who now in their career … they have more hair than when they started!”

That’s when he dropped this hilarious insight about “The Avengers.”

“Go watch the first ‘Avengers,’ and then “Avengers: Endgame,’ ” Rogen joked. “They all have more hair now.”

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen says The Avengers are going bald

Did The Avengers cast really overcome going bald?

So did Thanos snap his finger and refurbish all these superhero hairlines?

Did we branch into a part of the multiverse where Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are aging backward and beating hair loss?

Well, for one thing, Rogen’s claim isn’t exactly true.

I reviewed The Avengers series and inspected all the hairlines in 4k.

The characters whose hair stays the same are mostly wearing wigs.

Chris Hemsworth’s flowing golden locks for Thor obviously aren’t real. However, to my eye, Chris Evans is wearing a wig too. Steve Rogers’ hairline is just unnaturally thick with no natural diffusion. It’s just too good.

Some Avengers are actually going bald

Mostly wigs are worn to keep character hair consistent from film to film — no matter what projects Evans and others are working on.

But also, when a series with lots of middle-aged stars is shot over the course of years, wigs definitely help conceal progressive hair loss among this pantheon of demigods.

Other Avengers do exhibit hair loss.

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, for one, has significant recession from early Avengers films to his Dinsey Plus series appearance.

The only real way to reverse hair loss like The Avengers

What Rogen is hinting at is that when celebs suddenly debut restored hairlines, we’re almost certainly dealing with surgical intervention.

I wrote this list of celebs with pretty incredible hair transplant surgeries. Stars like David Beckham, James Franco, and Machine Gun Kelly have all gotten some work done up top to fix their hair loss, according to experts.

Drugs like minoxidil (Rogaine) and prescription drugs like finasteride (Propecia) can help anyone regrow a little hair, but over the long run, all they do is slow down the inevitable.

Hair transplants are the only real “cure” for hair loss. And yes, the results are permanent.

Unfortunately, transplants are also very expensive.

Reseeding a fading hairline can easily cost upwards of $20,0000 — or even much more. Transplant doctors commonly charge per hair. And the more significant your hair loss, the more individual hairs need to be transplanted.

That kind of money is nothing for a Marvel movie star with several Avengers credits. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Rogen was correct and several Avengers have beaten going bald — with a little medical help.